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Sell Us Your Car

Here's How It Works!!


Step 1 - Bring the vehicle you want to sell to Classic Southeast Texas (click here for a map).

Step 2 - Meet with Mark Cricchio or Jerry Ardoin (Our wonderful pre-owned sales managers)

Step 3 - Walk out with a check.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to have the title in my hand?
A. No.  A title does help you walk out with a check the same day, but it is not needed.  We can help you file for a lost title, or pay off a lien holder and give you the difference.

Q. Does my car need to be running?
A. We prefer your car to be in good working order so that we can give you the most money possible, but we can work with you this.

Q. Do you accept vehicles with salvage titles?
A. No.  

Q. Does you look at Carfax?
A. Yes we pull a Carfax report on every vehicle.  This is for not only your protection, but ours as well.